VR + Jump&Run

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Local Coop VR

In VR Giants two players play on the same device. The VR player turns into a giant and the screen player controls the dwarf. Both players must work together to solve the puzzles of the game.

History & Developer

Hi I’m Wolfgang. I am a solo developer and the creator of VR Giants. I’ve started developing VR Giants about 3 years ago as part of my master thesis. Ever since then the game has changed a lot but still what you see is in a pre-alpha state. Now it’s time to take the next steps and make this a full game. Therefore I need your help. Please sign up for the newsletter and get great deals for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Also if you like the game, please spread the word!

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Awards & Mentions

VR Giants has been exhibited countless times and has won numerous awards. It was also mentioned by wired.de among the 10 most impressive games at Gamescom 2018.

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VR Giants ist gef├Ârdert durch aws impulse XL des BMDW abgewickelt durch die aws.